Family Run Farms and Industrial Farms


As societies across the world continue to grow, with populations never before conceivable, one of the biggest concerns is food. Not only is it the concern as of right now, it is one of the largest and deadliest problems, not only in small third world countries but even in America we see issues with food supply and actual nutritional content. To support the demand for such a large supply of food. You can read more here —

As Jack Algiere said in his interview on "The Effects of Big Agriculture on the American Food System", " trying to totally dismantle big agriculture in the population situation we have is probably impossible, but it is a possibility to change the way that we do that." The food system is dominated by a select few making it impossible for small crews to rise-up. Despite this abundance of negatives, there are plenty of reasons for those who back the "Big Ag" business to do so.

Thefirst and biggest point of the "Big Ag" argument is the absolute need for it because of our population size. In the interview, and using the quote from earlier, Algiere noted just how impossible it would be to completely abolish the factory farming. He noted the large spike in "Big Ag" during and after World War I and II. It had become almost a necessity for people to move from their old homesteads to towns to become a new and advanced society, only to bring about more waves of children, an example would be the baby boomers generation from the mid 140`s to nearly 170, which at its peak met nearly 15 children per 10 women in the age range of 1-44 (Zumbrun).

This huge influx of mouths to feed further increased need for living space as well as for more food. As this generation of "Baby Boomers" is leaving the career field and passing on, the current young population is thinking a little more effectively. According to Zumbrun`s data in The Wall Street Journal, The past four decades have had the low...